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Our technology handles it all

Versy Spaces


Your space is registered as NFT. 
It's your digital property, forever.



Payments are held directly through the virtual space or through your existing e-commerce in all the currencies that you already support.

Web visualization

The virtual store runs on our server. All you have to do is give us the domain in which you want it to be displayed

It works on top of your e-commerce, so you don't have to change any infrastructure.

Versy Studio


Edit your design

The design of your space is fully customizable and you can change it anytime into whatever you want.
Add lights, music, interactions, voice chat and even more.


Compatible with other 3D softwares

Want to create something really complicated? You can upload it from other softwares like Maya, Unreal, 3Ds Max and others.

Versy Portal



All versy spaces have a portal that connects them to all other metaverses. In this way anyone can jump in your store from all around the world.

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