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Reserve your personal spot in the metaverse

Ask for a quote and get contacted by our team in less than 12 hours.

Full Package is made of

1. Strategy

We'll help you analyze different possibilities and align them with your current growth strategy so that getting in the metaverse becomes a natural growth step.
We'll have an initial call to understand what are your objectives and then an audit to identify the best kind of metaverse experience to create to reach your goals.

2. A Virtual Space and teaser for your metaverse

We'll give you a Versy Space which dimensions suit your needs the most. Then we'll tease your customers and visitors by placing on your website a closed portal that connects to your space. In this way everyone will know that you are going to join the metaverse but no one will be able to visit it untill you are ready to launch.

3. Design and integration of your metaverse

Now that strategy is in place, the space is reserved and the portal is teasing people, we'll have time to work on the design and integration of your metaverse. We'll work on building all the 3D models, animations and interaction that will make the experience of your brand completely unique. Moreover we'll take care of integrating everything into your website,so your customers already know where to go.


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