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How the Metaverse can change different areas of human activity

The Metaverse is one of the hottest topics today. But do you know the exact meaning of this word and all the possibilities that open up with the advent of this new technology?

The virtual metaverse is a combination of many elements of technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality and video, where users "live" in the digital universe like in the physical world. Proponents of the metaverse assume that their users work, play and always stay in touch with their contacts: from concerts and conferences to virtual trips around the world. In other words, it's like a new version of the Internet.

What can you do in the metaverse?

All the same for which we now use the Internet. Games, sales, arts, entertainment, advertising, healthcare, virtual communities and collaborations. Here you can build houses, open shops, shopping and business centers, hotels and concert venues, hold events and hang out in a bar with friends. They are real and can be explored, but they haven’t evolved in the same way as their physical counterparts.

The Metaverse is a new frontier of virtual reality and technology, which is changing the way people interact with each other, companies, and businesses. This new space has potential to be a great marketing platform for companies, because it allows users to interact more easily with products and services that would have been impossible before. Consumers will not only find it more convenient to use their time on the desktop or laptop in order to explore the metaverse, but also will have access to a lot of information that could easily be procured elsewhere if they wanted it done.

The future of work

The Metaverse will allow us to move further in remote work. This will allow us to move forward in our video calls or online meetings by pretending that everyone is in the office or by simulating a real meeting with avatars. We could navigate through meetings using an avatar that allows us to interact or create a fictional room in which we sit together. at the table, but also demonstrating and projecting what we do, need and encourage closer interaction.

Not only in meetings, but we can have a virtual office to manage work and projects.

Imagine that you work from home but having a digital office. With the help of a hologram, you will be in the same space with your colleagues without leaving your home. You will be able to share documents by simply showing them on a shared screen, and there is no limit to the number of these screens.

This social interaction is possible because of a technology called “avatar”. An avatar is a 3-dimensional representation of yourself that is created for use in a virtual world. This allows you to interact in your virtual environment with other avatars from other users' avatars, making it possible for people from all over the world to be together in one place – sharing experiences that were once only possible within our physical world.


People who do not have the opportunity to receive a quality education due to their place of residence will be able to study without leaving their homes. Only these will not be traditional webinars, but classes that you can personally attend thanks to the metaverse. This is an important condition, for example, for the training of future doctors.

It would allow us to combine the real world with the virtual one in order to improve ourselves by playing the piano with a kind of Piano Tiles (a popular mobile game) that overlays our real piano at home and helps us improve our skills. It's the same with education at the school level: we could fully enter (something that already allows for "normal" virtual reality) the human body to study anatomy, biology.

Or even virtual environments can be created to let us practice any project or subject... realizing a surgical operation to learn how to change a wheel or repair an engine. In addition, we could interact with other people in joint tasks rather than independently.

Games and entertainment

The gaming industry is the fastest growing entertainment sector today. With steady progress in virtual reality technology and the advent of cloud gaming, the industry will reach a market value of $314bn by 2026. This technological growth has placed the gaming industry at the forefront of metaverse trend. Currently, gaming as a social platform provides the maximum similarity with the general ideas of the metaverse. Non-gaming events like concerts and hangouts, which have made headlines in recent metaverse conversations, are already standard features in games like Roblox and Fortnite.

Real estate investment

A new feature in the metaverse ecosystem is the virtual earth. The principle is the same as real estate in real life. When you purchase a piece of virtual land or digital property, you can rent it out or sell it to make a profit. Yes, you are not limited to just land – for example, you can buy anything from houses to luxury yachts!

Sports activity

The gym regimen has changed with the arrival of the pandemic in 2020, and one of the big changes this technology will offer us has to do with how we train from the comfort of our homes. There are a lot of people who have exercise equipment in their own home, but it's something of a monotony that doesn't go beyond YouTube videos or simulators that let us see a cycle route on a screen while we're on a stationary bike. But it could be even better: a virtual world where we box with a video game, pretending to be inside a real ring, in order to actually fight our opponents. Or we dodge any objects (as Meta showed in one of his videos) by practicing punches or dodges.

For athletes, it would also allow us to improve and practice running or cycling from home, we could travel around the world, getting away from the boredom of pedaling in the comfort of one room. Of course, with the disadvantage of not leaving the house and not enjoying the “real nature”, but this can be an alternative option in case of bad weather, low temperatures.


Today, shopping online is easy and convenient due to the fact that we can have almost anything we want without leaving home. But this can be much more realistic: walking around the store to pick up the right clothes, asking virtual sellers. advice on style, combinations or accessibility. And even try on our clothes and see how we will look, for example, before checking them out.

Not only clothes, but any other product that we could see in 3D, check its size. Or go to the supermarket by adding items to our dummy shopping cart instead of clicking "+" when shopping online on everyone's website

The virtual world has been part of our life for decades. We’ve been to the moon, Mars, and the Earth’s surface. The Internet is a part of our lives and we’ve all become accustomed to it; it is expected for almost everyone to get online at some point.

Although the metaverse is still evolving as a concept, it is already a reality today. Technology brings endless benefits to help us be more efficient at work, and there is no doubt that the metaverse will bring endless new applications.

Don't know if the metaverse is for you? Drop us a mail and let's be in touch!

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