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The metaverse is by its very nature a dynamic place. People don't spend all their time in one universe, but they jump from one to the other, kind of like when we play more games that we like.
In this perspective, the concepts of sociality, ecosystem and decentralization.


Social: It is certainly wonderful to be able to create fantastic places with unique experiences, but how boring would it be to live them alone? “Happiness is real when it is shared”, isn't that one of the quotes of our day? 

In fact, Versy aims at sociability and sharing of experiences and spaces. Those who visit your shop will be able to do it in company, exchanging opinions and advice on what they like and what they don't.


Decentralization: with the blockchain this concept has increasingly established itself in which there is no entity in control of the whole system, but 50% +1 decides what is right and what is not.
This also applies to the functioning of the metaverse whereby there is not one huge and single metaverse, but many smaller metaverses that people frequent. With this in mind, Versy is meant to be a link rather than an aggregator. This is done through a portal, present in each space, which allows you to pass from one metaverse or Versy space to another. Just like when we shop and go from one shop or site to another.


Ecosystem: interconnection is also technological. Versy must be accessible from multiple devices, offering always engaging experiences. Whether through a computer, a headset, a console or a phone, every user must be able to access the metaverse at any time, regardless of his/her financial capacity (no need for a super computer).


Freedom of expression


On the business side, we see Versy as the space where you can do what you have always dreamed of in real life but never been able to achieve. Whether it's costs, physics or people, there are often limits greater than us that don't allow us to sell with the customer experience we dream of. In the virtual world, however, everything becomes possible.
Imagine the moment when a customer, entering your shop, sees the floor forming under her feet, the products are positioned on the shelves and sees herself appearing dancing in front of her, a dress with the characteristics that best match her. Everything else becomes small and less important, totally focusing his/her attention. Meanwhile, a song in the background creates a light atmosphere, combined with a gentle voice that tells the product to the customer. In a few seconds, a feeling of safety and lightness pervades the customer, who after looking and interacting with the dress from various angles decides to buy it. All this while she is on the other side of the world.
With Versy the entrepreneur can unleash his/her creativity by creating shops, showrooms, virtual academies, campuses, training courses, leisure events, media conferences ... all in one place, which always adapts to the entrepreneur's ultimate expression and his/her needs.


On the consumer side (later), we see Versy as the launcher for the metaverse, that is:

  • A point of access to any metaverse or Versy space users want to visit

  • an editable home-base where to come back and freely express themselves by hosting events and showcasing/selling their NFTs,artworks and products



The innovation aspect shines through in various points:

  • Experiential: with Versy you can experience emotions related to products and services, which were previously impossible to try. Thanks to the dimension of the interaction, which is much less developed in Web2.0, it is possible to go home with completely different experiences. Take the example of an academy that keeps a 3D record of all of its students' creations in its virtual space. New students will be able to interact with the company's past, seeing how the quality of students has improved over time and how they themselves are part of a very large community, immediately feeling part of something.

  • Technological: thanks to the simplicity of use, creating experiences in Versy will be easy for anyone and accessible to all. When we get to Pixel Streaming integration, it will no longer matter the power of the device you own. With a good connection, you will be able to live experiences that belong only and exclusively to the metaverse.

  • Relational: thanks to the live chat, professionals, companies and consumers will be able to interact and talk while living the same experience. An artist will be able to talk to the client while he/she wanders around his/her gallery and tells his/her works himself. A company that designs car interiors will be able to make the manufacturer interact directly with its design, allowing him to break it down and study it in every detail.

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