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Building the Metaverse
one partnership at a time

Bring your company to the metaverse with Versy and pioneer a new sales channel

About Versy Spaces

Private meta space property

Claiming the property of a Versy space means having the property of a private space on our servers with all the technology already implemented to create always different virtual experiences at your will.


Change design any time

Once you buy a space, it is yours forever. You are able to customise it from your editor. You can create floors, walls, change textures, move lights. Or you can add music, sounds, animations, interactions and 3D assets made in other softwares and create memorable experiences for your visitors.


Multiple uses

You can use those spaces as:

  1. Showrooms for your artworks,

  2. V-commerce (virtual VR store) to sell your products or NFTs

  3. Virtual locations to host events and invite people to have a great time together.


Connected to all metaverses

Every space is connected through a portal to all other metaverses like Decentraland, Sanbox and Cryptovoxels. Your private space can be reached by anyone on the web3.0 you want to give access to.

How we can work together


Bring us references of companies that could be interested in using Versy spaces. If we end up signing a deal with one of those companies we gift you a space between 100m2 and 10’000m2 to use as you want. The size of the space depends on the size of the partnered company.

handshake graphic.png


Buy one of our spaces before we make it public and we’ll make a 20% discount on the design and virtualization of the first experience you want to create.


We virtualize one or more of your products and sell an NFT version of it as a collaboration asset between your company and Versy. The price for the NFT will be set to 2x the physical price. The buyer will be able to claim the physical version of the product anytime and it will be paid by us fully.
That's it: you join the metaverse and NFT world, earn from sales and SPEND NOTHING.


We create an NFT token under the partnership between us (figuring both names) that will enable the buyer to access one or more of your services. We take care of all the procedures. You earn 70% of the sale of the token after gas fees apply.

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We are always open to more ideas if you have something to propose. We can work on anything related to NFT and metaverse, from consulting to visual and code development.

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