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A no-code platform to Create, Measure and Monetize your own metaverse on your own website.

Your Metaverse with ROI

Text To Space

The first Generative AI solution to create virtual experiences from a text prompt


Transform Text into Virtual Experiences with Generative  AI

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No need for tech team

Versy makes the metaverse accessible to businesses that don't have game developers or 3D artists.

Through the drag and drop system it is possible to create outstansing and interactive experiences.


It's time to add a new amazing touchpoint to your omnichannel customer experience.

The Wordpress for the Metaverse

Preview of the Beta version of Versy available in 2023


No need for a 3D or development department. With Versy Studio you can manage your metaverse fully on your own without coding skills and create anything you like



Shopping assitant, leaderboard, escape room, Treasure hunt, events...

Add the layer of experienciality that makes your customers more engaged and loyal to your business.



Integrate the metaverse in your omni-channel customer experience with marketing tools, analytics and APIs

"Joining the metaverse is easy,
making it valuable and having a ROI is the challenge"


Versy Certified Partners at your service

We care a lot about your success in the metaverse!
For this reason all our clients are supported in the strategy, implementation, omnichannel customer experience and ROI analysis by one of our certified partners.

It's like going to the gym: Versy is your toolset, our partners are your personal coaches.

In this way we are sure that you'll extract all the value from the metaverse that is beneficial for your business.

One click to go online

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Blockchain integration

Computer, Mobile & VR accessibility

Your visitors, customers and community members can come from any device

On your website


Multiplayer & Live-chat

Visitors can experience together your metaverse

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Put your metaverse on your website so that people know where to come

FIAT and crypto payments are already integrated. Sell anything in any currency.

Wallet integration is already set so that is easier for everyone to show NFTs or make payments​​


Know more about how your metaverse is used so that you can improve the experience


Be Found.


Assets interoperability

Unique Protocol

All Versy metaverses are connected among themselves enabling visitors to discover your metaverse from any other Versy space.

All meteaverses share the same infrastructure enabling direct communication

The virtual assets you sell can be worn in any other Versy space


Metaverse search engine to discover new experiences, brands and communities.

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Media & Press


Versy among the protagonist of the current innovation

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Among the 20 italian and international metaverse startup to keep an eye on


Metaverse: a 1000 billions market. The story of Versy


Non solo store ma anche esperienze nel metaverso #markuptech

Partners & Clients

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